Fostering Wellness in the Workplace: A Handbook for Librarians by Bobbi L. Newman and Twanna Hodge, coming FAll 2021 from ALA Editions

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Libraries are dedicated to improving the lives of their patrons. In many libraries this includes services, programs, and outreach dedicated to the health and wellness of their communities.  However, libraries often fail to look inward to the health and wellness of their staff. This book will take a wholistic approach to examining why, and how, libraries should focus on improving the health and wellness of library staff. 

This book will explore the aspects of a healthy workplace including physical, mental, and emotional components. We will look at evidence about the benefits of creating a healthy working environment, why it matters to individual employees, to the library as an organization, and to your community.  We will also discuss changes that could and should be made at the team and organizational levels to improve workplace health and wellness for everyone.

Whether you are an administrator looking to improve the health and wellness of your library staff or a library staff member looking to start a health and wellness movement for staff in your library this book is for you! Fostering a health and wellness culture at your library benefits everyone!